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Aluminium based copper clad laminate plate

Aluminium based copper clad laminate plate


This series of products is the company to meet the requirements of the market, the success of the promotion and is worthy of reliance on a special plate.Has the good heat dissipation performance, the outstanding heat resistance, the good insulation reliability, the good machinability and so on characteristic.     

a. The company‘s regular level includes:A2 grade、A3 grade、A5 grade、A6 grade; According to customer’s actual demand, it can be adjusted to different thickness above 0.6mm.     

b. According to thermal conductivity:including λ≤1.0W/(m•K);1.0<λ≤1.5 W/(m•K);1.5<λ≤2.0 W/(m•K)etc. series.     

c. According to the way of aluminium plate surface treatment: It includes thick oxygen treatment and thin oxygen treatment.     

The product is widely used in LED lighting, LED TV, power amplifiers, switches, automotive electronics, input and output amplifiers, DC / AC converters, rectifiers, high power transistors and other industries.

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