PCB Material
Liquid photoimagable solder resist ink

Liquid photoimagable solder resist ink


Solder mask ink
Printing Type
Screen Printing
Place of Origin
Brand Name
Model Number
KSM – S6188

1. The quality of liquid photosensitive solder resist ink is very excellent, suitable for the manufacture of high-end electronic products, the price is moderate. 2. It is recommended to use KSM-S6188, which is a two-component, screen-printed high-precision alkaline liquid imaging solder resist ink for double-sided and multi-layer printed circuit boards for precision circuits. The flatness is good, and the post-cured coating film has excellent adhesion, chemical resistance and heat resistance.

3. Liquid photosensitive solder resis ink has good printing properties, its density, heat resistance, chemical resistance is extremely excellent, has a wide range of operating conditions, is a very general and easy to operate, highly acceptable ink.
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