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PCB HASL pre treatment of HASL and post treatment of HASL

The working principle of HASL is to use hot air to remove excess solder on the surface and holes of the PCB, and the remaining solder is evenly coated on the pads, non-solder resist lines and surface packaging points. It is one of the surface treatment methods of the PCB. Post treatment of HASL swings precisely and conveys stably. It is simple to replace brushes and convenient to maintain. It has beautiful and elegant appearance, compact structure and long service life.

Product description of pre treatment of HASL

1. Process

Pre-treatment of HASL machine

Load→Brushing→Pressure rinse(1)→Fresh water rinse→Micro-etch→Pressure rinse(1) (2) (3)→Fresh water rinse/Blot up→Forced air drying→Fluxing→Unload

2. Basic Specifications



10215mm(L)X 1924 mm(W)X 2465±25 mm(H)


Workpiece size:

i) 610 mm X 610 mm




ii) 200 mm X 200 mm




iii) 0.3 ~ 3.2 mm



transfer speed:

0.6 ~ 5 Meter/minute(Adjustable)

[Operating speed preset: 2.0 Meter/minute]


Conveyor height:

1100 ± 25mm



Conveyor width:


[Effective work width: 610mm]


Wheel diameter:




Wheel base:




Power Requirements:

3 phase 380V AC 50Hz 38Kw



power consumption:

<15KW·H/Hour(power consumption per square meter to do: 0.23 degree/ M2)



Water Consumption:

12 ~ 24 L /min(5.49L/ m2)

[Fresh water]



2.8 m3 / min

[Not include drying section]


Control Cabinet:

Touch screen and PLC



Transfer direction:

Left to right

[Viewed from the front of machine]


Number of drains:

2 PC for chemical,1 for waster water, total 3



Drain direction:

load or unload




1) No plate stop machine, power saving.




2)With the water meter.


3. Chemical reaction time to speed 2.0m / min

Micro-corrosion: 48s (Effective length: 1595mm,Operating temperature: 35℃)

4. yield is calculated at operating speed 2.0m / min)

1) Workpiece size:

According 18 “X24 “(460 X 610)Calculation output

2) Setting plate distance:

The distance between each 50mm.


3)Speed of work:

2.0m / min.


4) output (pieces/hour)

2000÷(460+ 50)mm X 60 minute

approximately 235PC/hour

5) Output (pieces/day)

235X 20 hour

Total 4700 PC/day

6) Output(pieces/month)

4700X26 day

Total 122200 PC/month

7) Output (sq. Ft./month)

122200X 3 Sq.ft X 80%

About 293 280 Sq.ft/month


Product description of post treatment of HASL

Equipment Name: Post treatment of HASL

Business Drawing No.:

  • Process

(Floating floor cooling) Load→ Rinse with hot water→ Double-faced two-brush→ Pressure rinse→ Pressure rinse → Fresh water rinse → Blot up → Forced air drying → Hot air drying → Unload

  • Basic Specification
    • Overall dimension: 6460mmL×1 600mmW×1900mmH
    • Work-piece dimension: ①: 600mm (Widest)

②: 150mm×15 0mm (Minimum)

③: 0.3-3.2mm (Thickness)

  • Conveying speed: 0-6m/minute
  • Designed operating speed: 8×2.5m/minute
  • Height of conveying surface: 950±20mm
  • Width of conveying surface: 600mm
  • Line roller diameter: Ф40mm
  • Distance between line roller shafts (rinsing): 50mm
  • Power supply: 380V/AC/50HZ/21KW
  • Water consumption: 10-20L/minute
  • Direction of load and unload: Load from left side and unload from right side (observe from frontage of themachine)
  • Control system: Touch screen control
  • Control line position: Overhead cabling
  • Quantity of drain pipe: one drainpipe
  • Quantity of water inlet pipe: one rinsing (tap water)pipe


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