Rigid PCB Equipment
PCB Vacuum etchers automatic pcb chemical etching machine with rinsing

PCB etching machine with different specification can be customized according to your application need, such as high precision etching machine , acid etching machine , alkaline etching machine, metal or stainless steel pcb etching machine, small or large or customized size etching machine based on your need. Everest etching machinery is for the PCB copper clad laminate etching.

Product description

Model number EB650
Power 11KW/380V/50HZ
Working width 650mm
Etching area 650×1000mm
Etched type Double Spraying
Working temperature 0-65°C
Heating system Titanium,4KW
Cooling system Titanium tube ,water cooling
Vertical pump 2.2KW/380V/50HZ
Tolerance 0.05mm
Machine size  2184*1623*1570mm
Weight  About 450kgs


Working process:
Feeding → Etching →Etching2 → Recycle water washing → Running water washing → Blot up → Absorb →Stripping → Recycle water washing
→ Tap water washing →Blot up →Cold air drying → Discharge

1.This line was included etching and stripping two parts.
2.The etching accurate of line width can reach 0.04mm.
3.Various wheelbase of 28mm 35mm 48mm 60mm 70mm are satisfy for your different requirement, Special arrangement are very fit for
processing thin plate.
4.Spraying uniformly by special design nozzles, displayed and controlled individually.
5.The medicine water can circulate and to be filtered automatically.
6.The control cabinet was above on the equipment, maintenance more convenience and security.
7.Imported frequency conversion device and pump.
8.The concentration of air exhaust and drainage, make appearance more clean and easy to installation.
9.Appearance is adopt pp materials ,have good weather-resist and water resist.
10.It’s very suitable for mass production, more efficiency and reduced cost.

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