Rigid PCB Equipment
PCB developing machine

1. It can be used for dry film developing, acid/alkaline resist ink developing, solder mask developing.
2. Independent pressure regulation vibration frame is used for spraying.
3. Mechanical defoaming pump is used in developing module to eliminate foam effectively which can save cost and improve panel quality.

Working process

Load → Developing →Hot water rinsing → Recycle water rinsing → City water rinsing → blot up → Forced air drying→ Hot air drying → Unload

Product Features

1. The transmission gear adopts PVDF super-abrasive material to make the transmission smooth, reliable and durable;

2. Top-mounted electric box, air wiring makes maintenance more convenient, the line is safer and the environment is more tidy;

3. The window and side windows are made of transparent tempered glass and multi-pressure point design, which effectively prevents the leakage of syrup and gas;

4. Special swinging frame suspension device for easy replacement and cleaning of nozzles.

Product details

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