Flexible PCB Equipment

It can use for dry film developing, acid/alkaline resist ink developing, solder mask developing. The developing section with oscillating system, after developing with hot water rinsing, remove the residue thorough.

Product Description

Working process : 

Load → Developing →Hot water rinsing → Recycle water rinsing → City water rinsing → blot up → Forced air drying→ Hot air drying → Unload

Product Features


1. The transmission gear adopts PVDF super-abrasive material to make the transmission smooth, reliable and durable;

2. Top-mounted electric box, air wiring makes maintenance more convenient, the line is safer and the environment is more tidy;

3. The window and side windows are made of transparent tempered glass and multi-pressure point design, which effectively prevents the leakage of syrup and gas;

4. Special swinging frame suspension device for easy replacement and cleaning of nozzles



Specification: Customized

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