Rigid PCB Equipment
Copper tin plating production line

High precision electroplting equipment, use for high quality hard chrome electroplating, such as compression molds, casting molds, bearings, shafts, gauges, gears, etc. And decorative chrome, such as auto parts, bicycles, sewing machines, clocks, instruments, sanitary fittings, daily hardware and other parts.



Energy supply
Power supply
380V/415V/440V.50/60HZ or based on customer
plant requirement
Water supply
City water or tap water
Electric or steam or air energy, based on customer requirement
Auxiliary equipment
pure/DI water treatment system
Optional and depend on customer
Waste gas treatment system
Optional and depend on customer
Waste water treatment system
Optional and depend on customer
Design function
Nickel/tin/zinc/copper/chrome, etc.
Production capacity
Designed by customer requirement
operation capability
24hours continuous running



1) Can be switched freely between full automatic and semi-automatic
2) Adopting advanced world famous brand components in electric parts
3) Good quality PP plates for the tanks/baths and superior Chinese SUS for main frames
4)With the using of touch screen for HMI to facilitate the control of the line.
5)The whole line is designed on the basis of advanced environmental protection concept

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