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PCB copper etching machine

Everest can according your engineering capacity design the machine for you, for the etching machine, the minimum line width and space can reach 0.03mm/0.03mm. So we design the machine, meet your requirements and save cost for you.

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Product Description

Etching machine is used to spray chemical solution to copper clad laminator, aluminum substrate or stainless steel plate, the exposed copper, aluminum, stainless steel are etched away, retain the pattern or circuit covered by the corrosion-proof film, so as to achieve the purpose of making pattern or circuit.

The etching machine is divided into acid etching machine, alkaline etching machine and hydrofluoric acid glass etching machine (the three kinds of etching machines can be provided by our company).

The acid etching machine is mostly used for etching the inner layer of the circuit board, and the production of small batches of various types of sample boards. Acid copper chloride is generally used (copper chloride is added with hydrochloric acid), which is characterized by easy control, small side corrosion, large amount of dissolved copper, easy regeneration and recovery, and the etching solution can achieve high quality etching under stable conditions.

The alkaline etching machine is used for the outer layer of circuit boards, large-scale double-sided board production, and the production of aluminum substrates. Its alkaline etching process has the advantages of cost saving and easy control.

Working process:Load → Etching → Recycle water rinsing → Tap water washing → Blot up → Unload

Product features


EVEREST company has more than 30 years of experience in the production and use of etching machines. The etching machines produced are durable and have high precision.

1) Adopt PP boards of well-known brands such as Lida, Silson, Simona, etc.

2) The frame design of the machine body is designed strictly according to the mechanical principle of PP plate mechanics, which ensures that the machine body has stable load-bearing after it is filled with solution.

3) The body welding adopts large welding rod, which is beautiful, leak-proof and durable.

4) Install suitable nozzles for customers according to their products to ensure etching accuracy.

5) The use of domestic and foreign well-known brand electrical devices to ensure the stability and safety of the machine.

6) Filter cover and machine cover are equipped with safety switches to ensure personnel safety.

7) The machine chamber is equipped with a stirring pump to ensure that the chemical liquid does not settle.

8) Assembly workers have many years of assembly experience to ensure smooth operation of equipment.

9) Optional nozzle automatic cleaning system to avoid the trouble of nozzle cleaning and maintenance.

10) Optional automatic addition system.

11) There are common etching machines, swing precision etching machines, vacuum etching machines, and micromolecule etching machines to choose.


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