Rigid PCB Equipment
PCB Pretreatment Brushing machine

he function of brushing machine: remove the oxidation, oil stains, fingerprints, and other dirt on the surface of the board and form a micro-rough surface on the board. At the same time, the ultrasonic wave rinsing and high-pressure rinsing are used to clean the hole wall and reduce the bur in the hole.
It use before dry film laminating, before print solder mask, and other process if necessary.

Product Description

Working process: Load → Acid rinsing → Recycle rinsing → City water rinsing → Brushing1, 2 → Blot up → Forced air drying → Hot air drying → Unload

Product Features


  1. Automatic test plate thickness with accuracy within ±0.04mm;
  2. Automatically adjust the pressure of the brushing plate without manual adjustment; the production is more efficient;
  3. Self-alarm reminder, prevent damage the machine because of the human error;
  4. The inner sliding block of the machine is equipped with an automatic oil filling device to realize the maintenance-free function and the maintenance is more humanized;
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