Flexible PCB Equipment

Stripping machine mainly use for PCB dry film stripping, ink stripping, and steel plate dry film or ink stripping. Our equipment can be customized, we will recommend a suitable equipment to you.

Product Description

Working process :

Load → Soaking → Striping → Cycle water rinsing → Blot up → Forced air drying → Hot air drying → Unload

Product Features

Stripping machine include dry film stripping machine, tin stripping machine, ink stripping machine. All the machines working principle is same, the different like below:
1. Dry film and ink stripping machine use almost same chemical, but tin stripping use different chemical.
2. The ink stripping is diferent with dry film. Ink stripping need long time, so we add a soak section before spraying section, the make the ink soft and easy to remove.
3. Can design the equipment separate with the residue collaget box.
4. Adopt new method: using brush remove the residue from the stripping barrel.

Product Parameters

Dimension 7820mm×2300mm×2000mm
Working height 900mm
Working width 650mm
Wheelbase 28mm 35mm 48mm 70mm
Working speed 2m/mm
Supply voltage Three phase four wire,380V/50Hz
Total power 41KW
Max work piece 610mm×460mm
Min work piece 150mm×150mm
Working thickness >0.2~3.2mm
Water consumption >8~12 L/min
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